Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sewing Machine Fund!

I have been doing a lot of sewing projects lately; curtains & crib skirt for the nursery, blankets, bibs, burp cloths, etc. for friend's baby gifts. I also have a lot of other projects lined up; aprons, car seat cover, and more baby gifts. My little sewing machine broke a few projects ago and I have resorted to using a fairly old (maybe 20 years or so) borrowed machine. While it works fine, I'd really like to get my own new fancy one! Maybe one that threads itself!

How will I pay for this, you ask? I've decided I'm going to sell stuff on e-bay! I have tons of baby clothes, baby toys, and I noticed today people are buying some coupons that I have and probably won't use. I'm going to get creative and hopefully make enough money to buy myself a new sewing machine. I'll keep track of my progress and share with you.

Any suggestions on what sewing machine I should get? Exact one, brands, features????

More much should I try to save?


  1. Did you check Craig's List?

  2. Leah: Great idea! I am on craigslist every day, but mostly think about buying baby stuff. Thanks!

  3. Your machine is probably more than 35 years old.... ;D

    When you are choosing a machine, remember that not ALL the bells and whistles ever get used. And Mom says if she were getting another embroider machine she'd look for one that allows downloads from the net or even your own designs and not one to buy programs for, very expensive and no way to personalize or adapt them.

    In other words, her machine could be for sale if you find a sucker!

  4. I think you can find a good basic machine for $200. By the time you wear that one out you'll have the experience and "time" to pick out a really pricey one.....I've been saying that for 34 years.


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