Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Let's Go Krogering! April 21, 2009

Sorry I don't have a picture, but I went shopping at Kroger really late last night and didn't have the energy! Anyway, here's how I did this week at Kroger:

Hillshire Farm Turkey Lunchmeat $4.09
-try me free peelie MIR

Chicken Patties $1

Perdue Chicken Drumsticks $0.75 and $0.86

Perdue Chicken Thighs $1.07 and $0.98

3 Kroger Cream Cheese $0.91 each

2 Kroger Cordon Bleu $1 each

Kroger Salsa $1

Frank's Redhot Sauce $1.15
-used $0.50/1 MQ (doubled)

2 Hunt's Ketchup $1.39 each
-used $1/2 MQ
=$0.89 each

2 Kroger Canned Mandarin Oranges $0.89 each

2 McCormick Grill Mates Seasonings $1 each
-used 2 $0.75/1 MQ
=$0.25 each

2 Kroger/Value Mac N' Cheese $0.39 each

2 Pillsbury Brownies $1 each
-used 2 $0.35/1 MQ (doubled)
= $0.30 each

4 Kroger Corned Beef Lunchmean = $0.59 each

Ronzoni Smart Spaghetti $ 1.49
-used $1/1 MQ

1.5 cup of Organic Pecans - Manager's Special $2

Kroger Buns $1.19

3 double loaves of french bread - Manager's Special $1.19, $1.09, $0.89 (will freeze)

Grapes $0.99

2 Shredded Mini-Wheats $2.18 each
-used BOGO MQ (got with free sample in mail)
=$1.09 each

Kroger Comfort Diaper $6.49
Kroger Comfort Training Pants $8.49
Kroger Comfort Toddler Puffs $1.50
-used 2 $3/1 IP
(instantly received $3 off order for buying $15 work of Comfort products)
=$7.48 for all 3 items

2 Kroger Gallons of Milk $1.98 each

Caprisun Sunrise $1.79
-used $1/1 MQ

Goody Stayput Headbands - Manager's Special $1.29

Mini-Cruellers $1 (I was hungry!)

Vitamin Water $1.59 (I was thirsty!)

Value of Products before sales= $97.97
Balance after sales and coupons = $56.07
Savings = $41.90 or 43% Savings
(I bought a lot of $1 Kroger brand things this time and didn't use as many coupons...oh well, I still got a lot of stuff!)

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  1. Great shopping trip! I'm heading over to Kroger for the pork loins and some more $2 milk. And I'm loving that Ronzoni smart pasta. Good stuff. Great pic of Ruby btw. Thanks!

  2. We shop at Aldi and routinely spend 30% - 40% less than at Kroger. And the produce is fresher! Give it a try!!

  3. Lou. Wedding Cake: I keep meaning to try Aldi's, but never make it there. Maybe I can make it a goal to get there this week? I'll let you know if I do!

  4. I am just curious if the kroger brand cream cheese taste good. I like some kroger brands but not all. Hate the Kroger mayo. Love the Kroger corn chips.

  5. T. Chef: I have no idea. I've never bought it before. I was thinking about making a cheesecake out of it. I'll let you know how it turns out!

  6. Here are some Aldi tips:

    Take a quarter for the cart.

    Take your own bags.

    Don't expect to find name brands.

    The house brands are just as good as name brands, srsly.

    Treat yourself to some flowers for $3.

    Their hours are limited.

    And this is the most important tip, and so that you don't look like a total newbie - Place your groceries on the belt heaviest to lightest. VERY IMPORTANT. The cashier will be quickly-and I mean quickly-placing your groceries back into the cart before you go to the bagging station. And you don't want the case of soft drinks on top of your bread.

    The Aldi paper towels are crap. It's about the only thing we don't buy there.

    Oh yes, cash or debit card only.

  7. Leah: Thanks for the Aldi tips!!!!


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