Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Let's Go Krogering! April 21, 2009

Sorry I don't have a picture, but I went shopping at Kroger really late last night and didn't have the energy! Anyway, here's how I did this week at Kroger:

Hillshire Farm Turkey Lunchmeat $4.09
-try me free peelie MIR

Chicken Patties $1

Perdue Chicken Drumsticks $0.75 and $0.86

Perdue Chicken Thighs $1.07 and $0.98

3 Kroger Cream Cheese $0.91 each

2 Kroger Cordon Bleu $1 each

Kroger Salsa $1

Frank's Redhot Sauce $1.15
-used $0.50/1 MQ (doubled)

2 Hunt's Ketchup $1.39 each
-used $1/2 MQ
=$0.89 each

2 Kroger Canned Mandarin Oranges $0.89 each

2 McCormick Grill Mates Seasonings $1 each
-used 2 $0.75/1 MQ
=$0.25 each

2 Kroger/Value Mac N' Cheese $0.39 each

2 Pillsbury Brownies $1 each
-used 2 $0.35/1 MQ (doubled)
= $0.30 each

4 Kroger Corned Beef Lunchmean = $0.59 each

Ronzoni Smart Spaghetti $ 1.49
-used $1/1 MQ

1.5 cup of Organic Pecans - Manager's Special $2

Kroger Buns $1.19

3 double loaves of french bread - Manager's Special $1.19, $1.09, $0.89 (will freeze)

Grapes $0.99

2 Shredded Mini-Wheats $2.18 each
-used BOGO MQ (got with free sample in mail)
=$1.09 each

Kroger Comfort Diaper $6.49
Kroger Comfort Training Pants $8.49
Kroger Comfort Toddler Puffs $1.50
-used 2 $3/1 IP
(instantly received $3 off order for buying $15 work of Comfort products)
=$7.48 for all 3 items

2 Kroger Gallons of Milk $1.98 each

Caprisun Sunrise $1.79
-used $1/1 MQ

Goody Stayput Headbands - Manager's Special $1.29

Mini-Cruellers $1 (I was hungry!)

Vitamin Water $1.59 (I was thirsty!)

Value of Products before sales= $97.97
Balance after sales and coupons = $56.07
Savings = $41.90 or 43% Savings
(I bought a lot of $1 Kroger brand things this time and didn't use as many coupons...oh well, I still got a lot of stuff!)

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Clearance Breast Pumps

For those of you breastfeeding moms in Louisville/Southern Indiana. I just got back from the Kroger in Clarksville on Lewis & Clark Pkwy and they have half a dozen or so Evenflo Comfort Select Automatic Cycling Breast Pumps on clearance for $19.99.

I saw some in the back of the store in the clearance bins and in the baby section. It's a single pump and I think it's more for travel or occasional use, but seems like a good deal; regular price is $39.99.

K-Mart and Rite-Aid Shopping Trip!

I got my Pull-ups at Rite-Aid Today. (Forgot to put in picture!)

$8.99 on sale (regularly $11.49)
-$3/1 MQ from 4/19 newspaper insert

-used $2 SCR from last month

OOP= $6.53 (included $0.54 tax)

will submit for a $3 SCR and $0.75 Caregiver's Marketplace Rebate

Total = $2.78 (76% savings)!

Here's my K-mart Trip: (Remember, double coupons up to $2!!!)

Huggies Wipes $2.50
-used $0.75/1 IP (doubled)
Final price = $1.00

Nature's Source Natural All-Purpose Cleaner $2.99
-used $1/1 MQ from 4/5 or 4/19? newspaper insert (doubled)
Final price =$0.99

Daisy Sourcream $1.13
-used $0.50/1 MQ (doubled)
Final price = $0.13

Pepsi Throwback $1
I was thirsty and wanted to try this thanks to the Frugal Maven!

2 Suddenly Salads $1.25 each
-used $1/2 MQ (I think this was from a home mailer) (doubled)
Final price = $0.25 each!

3 Ocean Spray $2.67 each
-used 3 $1/1 MQ (picked up in my OB's office) (doubled)
Final price =$0.67 each!

2 Pringles $1.50 each
-used $1/2 MQ from 4/5 newspaper insert (doubled)
Final price =$0.50 each!

Vitamin Water 10 $1
-used $1/1 MQ from 4/5 newspaper insert
Final price = FREE

4 (12 ct.) Pop Tarts $2.50 each
-used 2 $1/2 MQ from 4/19 newspaper insert
Final price = $1.50 each

Value of Products = $33.10

OOP= $13.19

Total Savings = $19.91 or 60%!!!

Free Redbox Code!

Today's free Redbox code is M6FR97. Good for today (4/20/09) only! Be sure to turn it in Tuesday by 9 p.m. to keep it free!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Run, Don't Walk to Kmart this Week!

They're doubling coupons up to $2.00! This should mean lots of free stuff! Check out Deal Seeking Mom's blog for more info. and coupon match-ups!
Update: Click here for a $5 off $50 purchase! Be sure to give this coupon to the cashier first before other coupons so your total is about $50 when this coupon is scanned!
You might want to call first to make sure your K-mart is participating! I think the ones on Lousiville are because it was advertised in the circular!

Diaper Deal of the Week! 4/19/09

In my opinion, this week it looks like Rite-aid has the best diaper deal. Their Huggies diapers and Pull-ups are only $8.99 for a Jumbo pack. Then they have a $3 Single Check Rebate (limit 1) and there are a ton of coupons floating out there. There's even some in today's newspaper inserts! So, here's the scenerio:

-$1.50/1 or $2/1 MQ (most diaper coupons are $1.50 and Pull-ups are $2.00)
-$3 SCR
=$4.49 or $3.99

Hints: you can also submit these for the caregiver's marketplace to get an extra $0.75 and there's a $3 of Pull-ups MQ in today's newspaper insert so these can be really cheap!