Friday, May 1, 2009

E-bay Update!

E-bay Update: I just sold my first two coupons on e-bay yesterday. I had an almost expiring formula coupon and a pretty decent coupon/coupon booklet for Babies R Us. I held on to them just in case and then decided I definitely wouldn't use them, so to e-bay they went.

I made a whopping $1.72 on my first two sales after insertion fees, final value fees & shipping!

Even though it's not a great start, I have a few more coupons, a ton of baby clothes and some other odds and ends. I will not be discouraged! :)

Sewing Machine Fund: $1.72 down, $198.28 to go!


  1. Excellent! $1.72 is $1.72! Good luck with your sewing machine fund.

  2. Ebay is awesome! Don't give up!


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