Thursday, April 30, 2009

Let's Go Krogering 4/30/09 (Louisville)

Here's my Krogering deals this week. I didn't use too many coupons because I planned on eating off of what I have in the freezer. I just got a few things I needed and got more than I meant to because I saw quite a few Manager's Specials. Here are the main deals:

2 Kroger Gallon Milk $1.89

Dole Salad Manager's Special $1.29

4 Perdue Buffalo Chicken Bites Manager's Special $1.25

2 Healthy 100% Whole Wheat Bread Manager's Special $1.29

Danimals Yogurt $2.58
-used $1.00/1 MQ from blinkie a few months back

2 Kroger 16 ct. sliced cheese $1.50 each

Kroger Graham Crackers $2

2 Cheez-its $3.08 each
-special (buy 4 12 pks. coke for $10 and get them free)!

Gerber baby cereal Manager's Special $1.19

4 12 pks coke - $2.50 each
-used 2 $1/1 coupons from
=$2 each

Total Savings= $21.53 or 40%

Go check out The New Frugal Mom's blog and her Let's Go Krogering Link-up to see her coupon match-ups and how others have done!


  1. Glad to finally find another frugal blogger in the Louisville area! Great job at Kroger. :)

  2. Thanks Emilie. Glad to meet you too!


Leave me a comment on the deals you take advantage of and how they go. Also, if you have a deal to share, please do!