Saturday, February 7, 2009

Old Louisville Hunt!

Check out the Old Louisville Hunt website if you live in Louisville. It is promoting the restaurants and other businesses in Old Louisville by offering coupons and prizes. I've already been to all the websites to try to win the Grand Prize and I used the coupon for Carly Rae's last night!


  1. So here's the deal on the 3 column. I lost all of my widgets. Every last one. But they were a lot easier to redo than I thought they would be. Your followers come back up and everything else is fairly easy. I used Amanda's three column template at Her stuff is really good and foolproof. You will have to redo the code to get your comments to work. I'll try to find the code and send the link. I love the three column, don't you?


    here's your link for putting comments back on

  3. Frugal Maven: Thanks. I do love your 3 columns! I tried it a few times, but really didn't want to redo my widgets...guess I'll just have to suck it up! :) Thanks!


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