Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's Time to Make a Deal!

It's only been two weeks, but ever since Frugal Maven introduced me to CVSing and opened my eyes to all the deals that can be had with super-couponing, I am hooked! I've been telling everyone I know about the deals I've been getting and several of them have asked me to share what I'm doing. Of course, some people are skeptical and I also want to show them they're the crazy ones!

Thanks to Frugal Maven's inspiration (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!), I am officially starting a blog to help my friends and family, and maybe some others along the way, spend less and get more! My plan is to post links to deals I find around town, on other blogs (giving credit of course), or wherever else I find them. Whether it's deals on groceries, drugstore buys, freebies, or just good deals around Louisville. I will also share the deals or savings that I take advantage of as I do it!

My first piece of advice is to get the coupons from the Sunday paper and start saving them now. If you do get hooked, like I did, you'll want those coupons saved up. You don't even have to cut them out at first. Most of the frugal blogs out there tell you where to find the coupon in which coupon book-from which paper, so it might be easier to find it if you didn't cut them out at first. However, if you do get hooked you will want to cut and organize your coupons. I'll share how I did that in a post soon.

So, let me leave you with your first deal. Maido, the Japanese Restaurant on Frankfort Avenue, has a great Happy Hour Appreciation Menu they are serving right now. It's only valid Monday - Thursday, from 4 - 6 p.m., but you can eat CHEAP! Click on the picture to the left to see the menu! If you like sushi, try it out.

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