Thursday, May 14, 2009


I bought 6 things of BBQ sauce for $1.08 each at Kroger and used 6 $1 coupons from and paid $0.48. I did this because I thought I would get a $3 catalina. Well, it didn't happen. I was sad.

You can get it free at Wal-mart and Target around here as it's priced $0.98!


  1. Do you think it may not have worked because 2 of your bottles were the 55% free?? I was hoping to try this deal tonight.

  2. I don't know? I hope it works for you!!!

  3. I used all of my Kraft Deluxe Mac & Cheese coupons at Kroger the other night after my Walmart nightmare. They were marked $1.85, but rang up $1.61. I was also supposed to get $1.00 off Catalina OYNO WYB 2 boxes. I bought 6 boxes, and should have gotten 3 Catalinas. Didn't print. I'm supposedly getting a $3.00 credit put on my Kroger card, but no one has called me back from Kroger yet.

  4. I should call Kroger about my BBQ sauce catalinas...if I can find the receipt!


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