Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Diaper Deals of the Week! Plus 100th post!

This is my 100th post. Wow, this has gone by fast! I've hesitated to post anything, because I was trying to think what I should post for my 100th post. I mean, it's an important milestone right? Well, needless to say, I've been crazy busy and never thought of anything cool to do for this post, so I figured I'd just get on to business as usual! Let's get to it!

First, make sure you check your $3/1 coupons for Huggies Pure & Natural. If you're like me, you are overloaded with them. I had a couple about to expire and needed to use them. Meijer has them for $9.49. I bought a couple there, then today I saw Wal-mart finally started carrying them and they're only $8.79...and they carry sizes bigger than size 2! (Prior to this I hadn't seen them in these larger sizes to be able to really stockpile!) That makes them $5.79 each!

Kroger has an awesome deal going on this week through Sunday (BTW, I haven't seen Huggies Pure & Natural here yet). Get $3 off instantly when you buy $15 worth of Huggies products, limit 2. I bought 2 Huggies Pull-ups at $8.99 (I great price) and 5 boxes of wipes at $2.50 each. I had $2/1 coupons for the Pull-ups, 3 $0.50 coupons (that doubled) and 2 $0.75 coupons for the wipes. That's $15.98 for $30.48 worth of products!

Good luck!


Leave me a comment on the deals you take advantage of and how they go. Also, if you have a deal to share, please do!