Friday, May 29, 2009

A Few Deals at the Mall - Old Navy and The Disney Store

Just got back from the mall today and thought I'd share a few things with you.

First the Disney Store has it's kids flip flops and sun glasses for $2.99. Great deal! They also had some other deals on their summer items.

Second, Old Navy is selling their adult graphic tees for $3 tomorrow, Saturday, May 30 ONLY! If it's anything like their $1 flip flop sale, I'm not going! :) Anyway, when I bought my purchases today, a coupon spit out to fill out a survey and get 10% off my next purchase! They gave me a coloring page (some sort of contest for kids to design flip flips) and on the bottom of it was a coupon for 20% off an adult women's and child's item. Might be a good deal? Oh and they are doing a 50% off of their already marked clearance!

I'll be yardsaling tomorrow. Wish me luck!!!!

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