Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thrifting For Gifts!

OK. I'm not necessarily back on a regular basis yet, but I wanted to make time to post this so my friend could see himself on my blog. Please comment so he can read what you think!

Sometimes you come across a great gift while thrifting. Check out this cool Kangol hat I found last time I was thrifting. I knew it would be perfect for a friend. Here he is posing in it. Doesn't he look gangsta!

I know a lot of my readers love thrifting. But for the others, don't knock thrifting for gifts. Here's why. Thrifting is green. Why buy more new stuff when there is perfectly good stuff already out there? Thrifting is good for your budget. Why buy a $50 hat, when you can get it for $1.50? Lastly, are you really going to let retailers tell you that you have to buy their new stuff for a gift to be good? I sure am not!

Find out more about thrifting at my favorite thrifting blog The Thrifty Chicks!

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