Saturday, February 28, 2009

Quick Kroger Trip - Couldn't Resist

So, I've been reading about all these other bloggers getting this Pillsbury deal and I couldn't resist to stop into Kroger one last time this week to get it. I could kick myself that I forgot to do it in separate transactions, so I only got one $3 on your next order catalina! But I found a ton of Manager's specials, so it wasn't all so bad! Here's how I did:

(6) small Pillsbury biscuits - $0.59 each
-used (2) $0.75/3 coupons from blinkie

(6) small Pillsbury cinnamon rolls - $1.00 each
-used (2) $0.75/3 coupons from blinkie

Hot dog bun/rolls - Manager's Special - $0.79 (will freeze)

1/2 gallon skim milk - Manager's Special - $0.90

1/2 gallon chocolate milk - Manager's Special - $1.15

(2) 4pk. Danimal Yogurt Crush Pack - Manager's Special ($0.75 and $1.19)
-used (2) $0.55/1 coupons from blinkie

Total before Coupons = $14.32
OOP = $10.22
Received $3.00 oyno catalina
Spent = $7.22 or 50% Savings!

Note: If I would've done the Pillsbury's in two transactions I could've saved $3 more...annoying!!!!


  1. That is awesome! Where do you get all of your coupons?

  2. Treehouse Chef: I don't do anything crazy to get coupons. I usually just buy the Sunday paper for most of them. This last Kroger trip they just had those blinkie things on the shelf next to the items where you pull out a coupon and another one comes out. I never realized before, but you can use one for each like item. So if you buy 4 items, use 4 coupons.

  3. Krogers should pay you a commission!


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